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Buy International Facebook Fans



Increase your Facebook Page’s audience by buying real, active and cheap international fans.

Buying international fans will allow you to quickly increase the audience of your page and thus generate more reach and interaction on your publications !


Facebook is the world’s leading social network and has a significant weight in the internet sphere. In these times, it seems therefore essential to have a large community to improve its web marketing strategy and thus be always closer to customers. With 123Followers, boost your number of Facebook fans in a flash and finally fly off on Mark Zuckerberg’s famous social network !

Why buy international Facebook fans?

  • Because it’s an inexpensive and very fast way to get a lot of fans on his Facebook page.
  • Because the cost of acquisition for new fans with Facebook Ads is constantly increasing and unsafe in terms of results, it is a method that guarantees to have the exact number of likes desired
  • To improve your ranking in Facebook page searches
  • Because it allows you to dynamize a page very quickly and to increase the credibility of the company with your customers.

Acquiring international Facebook fans with 123Followers is therefore a simple step that will save you a lot of time without worrying about anything !

What are our guarantees?

Ordering from us guarantees you an irreproachable and transparent service.

Authenticity of Accounts:

We are committed to providing you with only real international Facebook fans. These accounts are authentic and targeted according to the theme of your page (automotive, travel, high-tech, fashion, etc.).

Account Location:

The geographical origin of the fans is diverse and varied, they can come from the following five continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia. The majority of accounts are English or Spanish speaking with a small minority of French speaking accounts.

Delivery time:

The delivery time is indicated and differs depending on the number of fans wanted. We usually start delivery within 24 to 48 hours after purchase.

We deliver between 100 and 500 fans per page every day. This number may vary depending on the size of the order.

An unbeatable price:

We have both many large international Facebook pages and many providers around the world. As a result, we can offer prices well below the competition and thus make the purchase of international Facebook fans affordable. Look around, you won’t find cheaper anywhere else !


Because our method of delivering Facebook fans is natural, we will never request access to the administration of your Facebook page. In addition, the quality of the fans and the variable delivery times are adapted to be as natural as possible in the eyes of Facebook’s algorithms and avoid any risk of sanctions.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is available all day long (9am-10pm) seven days a week to answer your questions about our services or the status of your orders. In addition, you will receive an email informing you as your order progresses.


To learn more about how we work, you can consult our support page “How does it work?”.

Need more information? Feel free to contact us through WhatsApp at the number listed at the top of the site or through our email contact form.


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