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Buy Instagram Story Views



Boost the number of views of your Instagram stories by buying real Instagram story views.

Having a maximum number of views on your Instagram story will allow you to increase your statistics and improve the scope of your future stories by showing the algorithms that your stories are viral.


In 2016, Instagram launched a new feature that has been a major contributor to its success. By allowing users to create and share public stories, Instagram took the essence of Snapchat but improved it by adding small additional features. It was an immediate success with users, as companies quickly understood that stories are a very powerful means of communication, just like the “classic” sharing of videos or photos on one’s profile. In addition, stories allow users to add different types of interactions, such as adding a clickable link, the possibility to vote in a poll or to identify another Instagram account and be able to subscribe to it with a simple click. In short, by constantly evolving its storytelling tool, this feature has become essential in the development of a complete web marketing strategy for brands. With 123Followers, buy real views for your Instagram story and finally take off on the trendy social network of the moment !

Why buy Instagram story views ?

  • To improve your ratio of views to subscribers
  • Because it’s impossible to promote a story with Instagram Ads
  • For Instagram’s algorithms to see that your story is seen a lot and thus improve the scope of your next stories

Buying Instagram story views with 123Followers is therefore a considerable time saver without worrying about anything!

If you don’t have a story in progress at the time of delivery, the views will be sent to your featured stories.

What are our guarantees ?

Placing an order with us guarantees you an irreproachable and transparent quality of service.

Authenticity of Accounts:

We are committed to delivering only real views from authentic and active Instagram accounts.

Delivery time:

As the life of a story is 24 hours, we start delivery within hours of your order. We can deliver up to 20,000 views per day per story.

An unbeatable price:

Thanks to a clever story sharing system, we can quickly generate real views for you. In addition to this, we practice low margins which allows us to offer a price defying any competition in the market. Look around, you won’t find cheaper elsewhere!


Our method of delivering views for Instagram story is natural, we will never ask for access to your account administration. Delivery times are progressive so as not to appear suspicious to Instagram.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is available from morning to evening (9h-22h) all week long to answer your questions about our products or the status of your orders. In addition, you will receive an email keeping you informed as your order progresses.


To learn more about how we work, you can consult our help page “How does it work ?”.

Need more information? Contact us via WhatsApp at the number listed at the top of the site or via our email contact form.


In order to generate even more views in your Instagram stories, you can also purchase Instagram followers from active and committed accounts with 123Followers!


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