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Propel your Telegram channel or group by buying real views for Telegram post to improve its notoriety.

Having lots of views contributes greatly to the success of a Telegram channel or group by showing existing and new users that your group is active and well attended.


Founded in 2013 by two Russian engineering brothers, the Telegram application has rapidly become more and more popular thanks to its data protection. So much so that it is now about to becoming one of the world’s leading instant messaging applications with nearly 600 million users. Available for free on IOS and Android, Telegram has made a strong position in this market against its main competitor WhatsApp. WhatsApp, which was bought by Facebook and whose recent scandals related to the lack of respect for the privacy of its users had a serious impact on its image, is struggling to convince people who want security to return to their application. A godsend for Telegram that has been growing ever since and promises its members total confidentiality in their message exchanges thanks to a data encryption system. Finally, Telegram has the advantage of allowing the creation of groups or channels that can easily gather up to several hundreds of thousands of users. With 123Followers, buy real views for your Telegram posts and boost the brand image of your channel !

Why buy views for post Telegram ?

    • To show Telegram users that your group is active
    • To improve your brand image
    • To help improve overall channel interaction
    • To attract potential new members

Buying views for post Telegram with 123Followers is therefore a considerable time saving without worrying about anything!

What are our guarantees ?

Ordering from us guarantees you a fast and impeccable quality of service.

Genuineness of Views:

We are committed to delivering only authentic views. These profiles come from real, active and targeted users according to your theme (trading, cryptocurrencies, humor, finance, etc.).

Delivery Time:

The delivery time is indicated and varies according to the quantity of views required. We usually initiate delivery within 12 hours of purchase.

We send between 1000 and 200,000 views per post daily. This figure differs depending on the size of your order and the overall order flow.

Unbeatable price:

We are the only english provider specializing in the sale of views to own several large active US Telegram channels as well as engaged communities on other social networks. Thanks to this competitive advantage, we are able to offer unbeatable rates and thus democratize the purchase of views for post Telegram. Search, you won’t find cheaper elsewhere !


Because our method of delivering views for Telegram messages is natural, we will not ask for access credentials to your Telegram channel or to access its administration. In addition to this, the quality of the profiles and the progressive delivery times are tailored to appear natural to Telegram and not endanger the existence of your group.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is at your disposal all day long (9am-10pm) and all week long, even on weekends, to answer your questions about our products or the progress of your orders. In addition, you will receive an email informing you about the advanced follow-up of your order.


To learn more about how we work, we invite you to consult our help page “How does it work ?”.

Need more information ? Contact us via WhatsApp at the number listed in the site header or through our mail contact form.


Interested in growing your Telegram group ? In addition to offering views, we also offer to purchase authentic and active Telegram channel members.


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