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Buy Facebook Likes For Post

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Boost your publication’s distribution and interaction by buying real international Facebook likes cheap.

Buying international fans will allow you to increase your interactions on a publication in a very short period of time, allowing you to increase your reach and engagement.


The social network Facebook is now an important point of contact between brands and their consumers. This relationship is maintained through frequent posts that keep subscribers up to date on the brand’s news and announcements. In order to continue to exist on the platform, it is essential for any page that its publications reach as many people as possible. With 123Followers, buy real international Facebook likes and finally take down on Facebook!

Why buy international Facebook likes ?

    • Because the natural reachs of Facebook pages are getting weaker and weaker, without a well-defined strategy, posts generally make less and less likes
    • Because it’s a cheap and very fast way to get a lot of likes on its publication.
    • Because the rates for promoting a post with Facebook Ads are increasingly high with often disappointing returns
    • Because An increase in likes on a status always goes hand in hand with a growth in reach, allowing your message to reach more people.
    • Because Facebook’s algorithms can interpret an increase in activity on your post as an increase of the notoriety of your page and thus give you more influence on your future status.
    • Because it’s an important way to increase your credibility with your subscribers by showing them that your publications have an impact.

Buying international Facebook likes for your posts with 123Followers is therefore a huge time and money saver without worrying about anything !

These likes can be delivered for a page post but also for a Facebook profile post.

What are our guarantees ?

Buying on 123Followers ensures you an irreproachable and transparent quality of service.

Authenticity of the Likes:

We are committed to sending you only real international Facebook likes with a very high retention rate (about 80-90% over six months) among one of the best on the market.

Location of Accounts:

The geographical origin of likes is multiple, they can come from the following five continents: Europe, Africa, North America, Asia, and South America. These accounts are mainly Spanish or English-speaking with a very small proportion of French speakers.

Delivery times:

The delivery time is indicated and differs according to the number of likes requested. We generally launch the order within 24 to 48 hours after payment..

We send between 100 and 500 likes per post every day. This number can change depending on the size of the order.

An unbeatable price:

We manage many large international page communities and are also partners with many suppliers around the world. This allows us to offer very attractive prices and thus make the purchase of Facebook likes accessible to a large number of people. Search, you won’t find cheaper anywhere else!


Because our method of delivering Facebook likes is natural and honest, we will never solicit access to the management and administration of your Facebook page. In addition, the quality of the likes and the progressive delivery times are scheduled to be as natural as possible in the eyes of Facebook’s algorithms and to avoid the lesser risk of suspension.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is available all day (9am-10pm) seven days a week via WhatsApp, live chat or email to answer your questions about our offers or the progress of your orders. In addition, you will automatically receive an email informing you of the progress of your order.


To learn more about using our services, please read our support page “How does it work?”.

Need more information? Contact us via WhatsApp at the number listed in the insert at the top of the site or via our email contact form.


We also offer to buy fans for your Facebook page in order to grow your subscriber base quickly.

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