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Buy Facebook Comments



Enhance your brand image and the reach of your post by purchasing authentic Facebook comments from active accounts.

Customize your comments to get a maximum of positive feedbacks to boost your publication and reassure your customers.


Comments on a Facebook post are extremely important for any Facebook page. Indeed, they can be assimilated to an opinion and allow fans of a page to express their feelings about a publication or a brand very easily. The part of users viewing the comments of a post being very important, each company must have a high ratio of comments (synonymous with an active community) on its posts while having only comments that are beneficial to its own image. With 123Followers, buy real Facebook comments and finally take off on the number one social network !


Why buy Facebook comments ?

  • Because it’s an opportunity to improve your personal branding by posting only positive comments on your post.
  • Because it is possible to customize the comments with 123Followers.
  • To boost the reach and notoriety of your publication, indeed, comments are an important distribution criterion for Facebook’s algorithms.
  • Because it is impossible to buy comments with Facebook Ads

To order, simply indicate the link to your publication where you would like to provide comments and then fill what kinds of comments you would like to receive. If you want random positive and natural comments, then you can leave the box empty (comments will be mostly in English and of the type “I love your page” or “Super, I recommend”). If you wish to personalize the comments, we invite you to fill in the box with examples of comments line by line (within a limit of twenty-five different comments).

Buying Facebook comments with 123Followers is therefore a considerable time saver without worrying about anything !


What are our guarantees ?

Placing an order with us guarantees you an irreproachable and transparent quality of service.

Authenticity of Accounts:

We are committed to deliver only comments from authentic, active and targeted Facebook accounts according to the theme of your page (sport, animals, song, etc.).

Delivery time:

Delivery times are indicated and evolve according to the quantity of comments you want. We generally launch the delivery within 24 to 48 hours after the order is taken.

We deliver between 50 and 500 comments per publication every day. This number can be changed depending on the size of the order.

An unbeatable price:

We receive very small commissions on this product which allows us to be the cheapest in the world on the sale of comments for Facebook posts.

Security: We have a very low commission on this product:

Our method of delivering Facebook comments being natural, we will never request access to the administration of your Facebook page. In addition, the quality of the accounts that comment and the progressive delivery times are studied in order to appear as natural as possible in the eyes of Facebook and not to jeopardize your publication.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is available all day long (9am-10pm) seven days a week to answer your questions about our products or the status of your orders. In addition, you will be informed of the progress of the delivery via email.


To find out more about how we work, you can consult our help page “How does it work ?”.

Need more information ? Contact us via WhatsApp at the number listed at the top of the site or via our email contact form.


Would you also like to upgrade your facebook page ? We also offer to buy fans for your page in order to enlarge your community and reach more and more people on your posts.


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